Technodenta Ltd. provides direct import, delivery and service of dental equipment and supplies.

The company offers a wide range of quality repair services, creating convenience and security for dentists working with machines, equipment and supplies purchased by Technodenta LTD.

Along with servicing the company sells sparee parts for dental apparatus. Perform fast, quality and professional repair and maintenance of all brands of dental equipment and peripherals known in Bulgaria.

Technodenta Ltd. provides on-site repair of turbines and handpieces and offers competitive prices, attractive for companies and practices from Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania and others.

The company works under contract for courier services with Speedy Bulgaria. Use the services of the DPD, DHL, and preferred customer courier companies, with offices in Bulgaria.

Customer information:
All orders from e-shop are carried out in Bulgarian version of the site. Please send inquiries to Skype or e-mail!

Store Address:
1202 Sofia, 136 Hristo Botev Bul.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

+359 88 82 57 170

Store Office:
+359 2 441 47 35
+359 88 87 01 667
+359 88 58 25 315